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If you are not a Christian and not even sure that there is a God:

Take a look at the Non-Timeline Topics:  Is Jesus for REAL?Is there a REAL God? & Can we trust our Bibles?, because if God does not really exist then none of the other topics matter at all.  Ask Him to show you very plainly that He is real, and when He does you will know for sure.



If you are not a Christian and would like to become one, but you're not sure what the first step is:

Before you do anything else study this page. (Click here)



Are you concerned that you may have gone too far & that God does not love you any more?

"I have been really bad.  Does God still love me?   Have I committed the unpardonable sin?



Are you discouraged or worried?  Are you looking for encouragement?

This page was designed to encourage God's children, and that includes you.  (Click here)



If you are already a Christian but would like to see the big picture:

It is suggested that you first study the Gospel Timeline and then study the "Theater" of Our Universe Timeline.  Together these two timelines can help a person understand the overall picture found in the Bible.  Understanding the Bible's principles as shown in these two timelines will make it much easier to understand how all the other historical events, prophecies and Bible principles fit into the "Big Picture".  If you have ever wondered how a loving God can allow so much suffering, pain and death, you will find your answers in these two timelines.



If you are already a Christian and only need information on a specific topic:

Choose from the menu above (There are also a few buttons below that may be used.), and find the topic or timeline that is of interest to you then click and begin digging. (Most information on a specific topic will be found here:  Timelines Articles Books | Videos )




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