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Some topics do not easily render themselves to becoming a timeline, and so they haven't made it into the Bible Timeline series.  Instead, some of these topics have become short articles that are designed to get right to the point without the fluff.   You can find a sentence or two about some of these articles below.  (There really is not an organization to this list, but they are short enough so that you can easily read them all.)

Get to know God better!  You will be amazed at His love, His wisdom, His kindness, and His fairness.

Main Articles (see the Devotionals for more):

  • "Define Grace.  What is God's grace?"  What's the difference between Justice, Mercy and Grace?  (more)
  •  You will not want to miss, "Jesus:  Fraud or Messiah?" which takes a look at how many SILVER DOLLARS COVERING TEXAS it would take to prove that Jesus really IS the Messiah.  If you have ever wanted mathematical proof that Jesus is who He claims to be then former head of Mathematics and Astronomy, Professor Peter Stoner has the answer.  (MUST READ!)
  •  Are you ready to become a Christian?  Are you ready to give your life to Jesus?  Where to start can be found here.  "Steps to Jesus, Peace and Happiness" is a very concise list of steps.  (more)
  • In the late 1970's there were already over 600 major Christian denominations in the United States alone.  In 2013 one website estimated that there were around 41,000 Christian groups in the world.  How is one suppose to find the TRUTH about God and about life?  Why are there so many churches, and why so many doctrines, all about God?  What are doctrines anyway?  (more)
  • Have you ever wondered how to KNOW God's will for your own life?  Is it even possible? (more)
  • Or maybe you are just looking for a list of the parables of Jesus. (more)  
  •  Does God really exist?  How can I know for sure? (more)  What is He like? (more)
  • Can the Bible really be trusted, or is it simply a collection of "cunningly devised" fables?  (more)
  • Is Heaven a REAL place where those who trust in Jesus will live someday, or is it just an ideal to work towards?  (more)
  • Have you ever wondered what faith really is?  It's one thing to believe that something is real, and quite another to have faith in it.  (more)
  • "Christians" come in all different varieties.  But what is a REAL CHRISTIAN?  (more)
  • Do humans have the right to change God's laws?  (more)
  • What is "Predestination"?  Am I being forced to live like I do?  (more)
  • The Privilege of Prayer  (more)
  • We would NEVER knowingly take poisons into our bodies, but ...  (more)
  • Is baptism important?  What is baptism anyway?  Is there a right way?  (more)
  • Thanks Giving!  Have you ever stopped to think about what God has done for us, really?  (more)
  • Did God make the Devil?  Where did sin come from anyway?  (more more)
  • When destruction by natural causes happen we hear that it was an "act of God".  Is that true?  Who should we really blame?  (more)
  •  At the Great Flood why did God kill so many people?  (more)
  • The Apostle Paul tells us that we are saved by God's grace through faith.  What's that mean?  (more)
  • What's the difference between punishment and discipline?  Are they maybe the same thing?  (more)
  • When we find ourselves in DEEP trouble and it seems as if there are problems no matter which way we turn, is it because God hates us?  (more)
  •  Both Jesus and the Devil offer us freedom.  What's the difference?  (more)
  • Is the "angry" God of the Old Testament the same "loving" God of the New Testament?  How can that be?  (more)
  • Jesus tells us that we cannot do ANYTHING, but then the Apostle Paul tells us to work out our own salvation.  What???  (more)
  •  How can a simple everyday math equation prove that the Bible is true and can be trusted?  (more)
  • The Bible talks about both old and new "covenants".  What are they, and what's the difference?  (more)
  • How can I know that the Bible has not been changed in the last 500-1,000 years?  (more)
  • The Apostle John was in vision on "the Lord's Day".  What day would that have been?  (more)
  •  Are you discouraged?  Are problems getting you down?  (more)
  • Am I unlovable?  Is it impossible for God to love me anymore?  (more)
  • The Bible talks about not resisting God's love, but what does that mean?  (more)
  • Am I a sinner? Is there anyone who is not a sinner?  (more)
  • You mean all that I have to do is ASK?  (more)
  • "Lord, SAVE ME!"  (more)
  • What is repentance, and how do I confess my sins?  (more)
  • Did Elisha the Prophet LIE? (more)



Illustrations and thoughts:

  • Did you know that you are very much like a fiber-optic strand? (more)   And what about your church? (more)
  • The Gospel in Fiber-Optics!  (more)
  • How can I share what I know about Jesus?  (more)
  • How should I love God?  (more)
  • How should I love people?  (more)
  • Can you imagine life even better than you can imagine?  (more)
  • What did sin ever do to God that makes Him hate it so much?  Why does He want to get rid of it?  (more)
  • Is God so "full of Himself" that it makes Him want ALL of the glory and praises, or what?  (more)
  • Jesus is actually drawing you right now.  Don't resist His love!!!  (more)
  • Your Dad is proud of you, REALLY!  (more)
  • Only Jesus can give us a NEW heart.  (In a Heartbeat)
  • Plants and People (Dandelions and Kings)
  • The Cockroach and the Fish (more)
  • What will it be like to actually walk with Jesus? (Walk to Heaven)



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