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Define Freedom:

Updated: March 21, 2018


What is the difference between the freedom that Jesus offers and the freedom the devil offers?

Both Jesus and His enemy, Satan, claim to want to give us freedom, but one of them has to be telling us something that is not totally true.  Satan usually tells us just part of a truth and "seasons" it with a lie (making it worse than an out right lie).  So what is the difference this time?  Why is the freedom Jesus offers so much better?

First, let's think about the "freedom" Satan offers:

To illustrate, think of a VERY LARGE room:  



In this room you and I have the devil's version of "freedom".  There are no rules; we can do anything we'd like in here, but we cannot leave.  

The problems with the devil's form of freedom are:

  • Everyone of us has been born inside this room, and at one time the devil claimed all of us as his own subjects, making us his slaves.
  • Even though God is love, Satan has convinced most of the people in this room that God cannot be trusted, that He is unfair, unkind and unjust.
  • There are a few people inside who know the truth and want everyone else to know the truth about God too, but not many believe and follow Him.
  • There is only one door into this room, but it will not allow anyone to leave.  (Everyone inside is trapped.)
  • The whole room is doomed and all inside will die.  (It's about to self-destruct and burn.)

That's the kind of "freedom" the devil offers, freedom in a trap.  


Now think about the kind of freedom Jesus offers.

Because our first parents had been tricked into believing that the devil's freedom was desirable they were trapped in this room and it is in this room that we were born.

Jesus had originally created us with true freedom, but when Adam and Eve fell into this trap Jesus chose to come as a baby into this room too, and to show everyone who God really was.  He also came to buy our freedom back and to offer His version of freedom to any who would believe in Him.

Now there is hope.  There's One Way out of this room, and that is by trusting Jesus to do what He wants to do with us.  We must believe in His way of doing things, and if we trust Him, He will reach down into the room and set us free.  

Once outside those confining walls we are free to go anywhere we want.  The universe has no boundaries and neither will we.  We are so free that if we choose to we are even free to enter back into that trap.  This is the kind of freedom Jesus offers us.

Now, instead of thinking of a large room, think of a large globe (the earth).  You and I have been born here, there is no way to get away from here.  Soon it will be burned, and we are doomed to die.  But Jesus has made a way of escape.  If we trust Him totally, He will come to our rescue.  Soon we will be taken off of this earth and we will be set free, free from its confines and free from its doom.

Galatians 5:1 warns us not to go back into that trap.  It says, "So Christ has truly set us free.  Now make sure that you stay free, and don't get tied up again in slavery to the law."   The "law" without Jesus demands death.  But Jesus Christ can truly set us free.

It is very obvious which "freedom" is real, but you and I have a choice.  No one else can make it for us.


What's your choice?



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